Fears of the Future: Discovering Your Embarrassing Ancestors on Social Media

Fears of the Future: Discovering Your Embarrassing Ancestors on Social Media

Right now it’s all about being social, sharing images of your body, food, belongings, friends, pets and whatever else you can think of. Social media is one of the easiest ways that people can build an archive of their lives, but do you ever think of the digital legacy you might be leaving? Would you grandchildren and great grandchildren be impressed by your prolific collection of shirtless selfies and breakfast bowl snaps? In 2016, the fear is that no one will engage with our online identities, but in the future, our online fears could look very different…

person looking surprised at what they're looking at on the Internet

looking at your grandfather's instagram account on a tablet computer

awkward no text

Someone looking annoyed because of the online behaviour of millennials

filling out the form to have your ancestor's social media deleted from the internet

Laying on the floor in despair waiting for results

Would you be upset if your future grandchildren could simply fill out a form and erase you from the Internet, just because they found you embarrassing?

If you think about it, right now we don’t really have full autonomy over our own online identities, it might be nice to let our ‘cyber-selves’ fade into oblivion along with our physical bodies. What do you think, do you want to live online forever or are you cool with being deleted by some ungrateful little teenager living it up in 2076?



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