Augmented Reality and The Future of Fashion

Augmented Reality and The Future of Fashion

Imagine being able to completely change your look on the go without actually having to change your clothes. With augmented reality fashion, people would be able to alter the appearance of their outfits without the need for an enormous wardrobe! AR technology and fashion have already met and produced some interesting results; from AR fashion shows to holographic nails we’re starting to see the potential of AR fashion.

AR could revolutionary! Pop on your tracksuit; you’ll want it to be comfy for this one…

Wearing a blue tracksuit

Imagine putting on your AR glasses (or contacts) and looking out onto a world full of people wearing fashion that has been specifically tailored for them.

Wearing pink augmented reality glasses

AR glasses on next to AR glasses off

AR fashion has the potential to disrupt the fashion industry. With basic garments serving as the canvas for interactive and responsive virtual fashions there would be no need for mass production of fast fashion items. Nor would there be the associated textile waste, all anyone would need to buy would be the basics. Not to mention that there would be less pressure to buy into trends. People could simply imagine their dream outfits and create them quickly on their own!

Looking through the lenses of augmented reality glasses

AR could lead to a world full of inclusive fashion that can change trends in the blink of an eye without the environmental cost of our current fast-fash culture. Or it could just lead you to a crippling decision-making nightmare. How are you meant to choose what to wear when the options truly are endless?

What would your custom AR outfit look like?

– H.F.G.


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